The most important problem facing American children today | Wash Post

Poverty affects more than a child’s health.

“Children in America are the poorest members of society. One in five children live below the federal poverty line, and almost one in two are poor or near poor, with a disproportionate burden falling on the very young, racial and ethnic minorities, Native Americans and children from immigrant families. The task force plans to pay special attention to helping these groups of children.”

The most important problem facing American children today.


NTEN Change Issue 9: March 2013


NTen Change is a “quarterly journal for non-profit leaders.” I have found many great articles and a lot of useful information in these journals on data management, organization and utilization.

“NTEN is the membership organization of nonprofit professionals who put technology to use for their causes. NTEN helps you do your job better, so you can make the world a better place.”

NTEN Change Issue 9: March 2013.